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Submitted on
November 11, 2012
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Dear me, 
Have you seen yourself lately? 
Have you seen how much you changed over a single course of a summer? 
You used to be happy... 
You were so naive, so innocent to what the world had to offer.
But one step too far led to this destruction. 
You write depressing poetry almost every day. 
A year ago, you wouldn't even dream this would become your fate. 
You hide underneath a crumbling mask, trying to shove emotions you didn't know existed until now back into your mind for none to see. 
Everyone thinks you're happy. 
Minus the few you actually let under the mask and pour out your emotion for them to see. 
As time goes on, your broken heart is beginning to heal, but... 
Time ticks by so slowly... 

So please, tell me...
What happened to you? 

Love, Me 
P.S. Please get better soon...
A letter to myself.
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